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Eight Color Solvent-Based Marking System Kit
Eight Color Solvent-Based Marking System Kit
Price: $399.00

Item #: CH9501

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Eight Color Kit | Game Day

Item #: CH9501 (Solvent-Based)

Create vibrant banners and signs with the Graphic Design Marking Systems Eight Color Kit! This solvent-based ink kit is permanent, so use caution when marking. We recommend a tarp to cover the floor or surface to prevent stains and wearing old clothes that can be stained. Choose eight colors.

If you wish to order more than one of a color, please select the color in consecutive boxes. For example, when purchasing two units of black, select “Black” in Ink Color 1 and Ink Color 2 drop down menus.

  • Over 20 brilliant colors!
  • Each color consists of one ink well and three pens (¼”, ¾”, & 2” widths)
  • All kits come with carrying trays and hoods
  • Dried out wells or brushes can be refreshed with additional ink
  • Lid colors may vary