Motionwear Custom Cheer Shell 802093
  • Motionwear Custom Cheer Shell 802093
  • Motionwear Custom Cheer Shell 802093
  • Motionwear Custom Cheer Shell 802093

Motionwear Custom Cheer Shell 802093


Product no. 802093

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Motionwear Custom Cheer Uniform | Made to Order

CH2093-CH2313-CH2248; "free decoration"

Includes FREE 2-color tackle twill when ordering 6 or more uniforms!

802093 – Stretch Cheer Poly (100% polyester) custom shell top with split-color standard back

  • Shown in: Kelly and Royal Stretch Poly with braid in White, Royal, and Kelly
  • Embellishments: 2-color tackle twill, Full Block Vertical Arch (FBVA) style

802313 – Dri-Line (90% microfiber poly, 10% spandex) custom crop-top liner with v-neck

  • Shown in: Kelly and Royal Dri-Line with braid in White, Royal, and Kelly

802248 – Stretch Cheer Poly (100% polyester) custom skirt with flat elastic waistband and standard two-button and zipper closure

  • Shown in: Royal Stretch Poly with braid in Kelly and White

Need some help before you order? Contact our friendly Sales Team at 1.800.776.1194 or by email at with any questions and they will be happy to assist you.

Includes FREE 2-color tackle twill with order of 6+ uniforms!

Shell shown with:
802313 Liner: $56.00 (sold separately)
802248 Skirt: $46.00 (sold separately)

Superior Cheer is proud to team up with Motionwear! Great styles, better fit, and a wide range of sizes make Motionwear stand out from the competition.

Includes FREE 2-color tackle twill when ordering 6 or more uniforms!

All custom uniforms priced without embellishment unless otherwise noted. Add embellishment and embroidery to your custom uniforms for an additional fee. Our design services are always FREE and includes full-color sketches, so you can see your ideas before you buy. All embellishment and embroidery is quoted on a case-by-case basis to provide you with the lowest possible price. Less than minimum fees apply to orders with fewer than six (6) pieces per style and color.

Allow approximately 8 weeks production time for custom uniforms.

  Download the info sheet with color options & size chart

  And check out our helpful fit guide

For best fit, we strongly recommend using a sizing kit. Here's how it works:

  1. Contact a sales representative with the uniform Item # you are interested in purchasing, that way we can be sure to send the proper kit to you!
  2. Depending on which kit is needed, a deposit may be required to have the kit shipped to you. See our terms for accepted payment methods.
  3. Once we receive your deposit (if applicable), your kit will be shipped to you.
  4. You have 30days to use the kit before it must be returned. After the kit is received back in our warehouse, a full refund will be issued to the original form of payment for the deposited amount.

Please note that while the uniforms in your kit may not look like the uniform discussed with your sales rep, the fit will still be the same. If you have any questions during sizing, contact your sales representative at (800)776-1194.

Always follow the care instructions on the label in your garment.

Specialty Fabrics:
Fabrics that are foiled may dull with wear and repeated washings. Areas that incur excessive abrasion may also dull or show loss of foil. Please follow our care instructions; they will help but not eliminate the natural wear characteristics of these specialty fabrics.

Colorfastness of Fabrics:
Motionwear fabrics are as colorfast as current technology provides. Despite the best technologies, dark colors may occasionally bleed onto lighter colors. This color bleeding may commonly be caused by perspiration, deodorants, or leaving your garments damp for a period of time. Garments are at the highest risk of bleeding before and during the first wash; please take the most care during this time. Following the care instructions will help but not always eliminate these issues.

Washing and Drying:
DO NOT HAND WASH. Machine wash SEPARATELY in a large volume of cold water, using gentle cycle. We recommend using Motionwear Detergent. Remove immediately from washer and tumble dry on LOW OR NO HEAT or hang to dry (do not lay flat or hang dry garments with color sensitivity). DO NOT USE granular detergents, bleach, detergents made for fine washables, liquid fabric softeners or dryer sheets. DO NOT DRY CLEAN.


  • Wash your garments immediately after use.
  • Hair spray, spray tan, glitter products and makeup will affect the color of garment; avoid letting your apparel come in contact with these products.
  • DO NOT use dryer sheets, bleach, liquid fabric softener, granular detergents or detergents intended for "Fine Washables''.
  • DO NOT machine wash or machine dry any garment with light and dark color combinations.
  • DO NOT dry clean.
  • Cold water temperatures in warm climates can vary by as much as 40 degrees when compared with the cold water temperatures in cold climates. Water in colder climates may be warmer in summer than in winter months. Be certain to add ice to tepid water to ensure it is truly cold when washing your garments.
  • Some slight color fading is normal after repeated use and over time.

Motionwear Cheer is not responsible for sequins, glitter, foil, or rhinestones falling off.

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Motionwear Custom Cheer Shell 802093

Motionwear Custom Cheer Shell 802093: 802093

71.00 USD


Motionwear Custom Cheer Shell 802093

Motionwear Custom Cheer Shell 802093: 802093

71.00 USD