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Superior Cheer stocks a full line of in stock cheer poms - ready to ship in just 1 to 3 days! Superior Cheer Poms come in 5 styles and 56 colors.


Pizzazz Cheer Brief
  • Pizzazz Cheer Brief
  • Pizzazz Cheer Brief

Pizzazz Cheer Brief


Product no. 826520


Women's/S - Black
Women's/M - Black
Women's/L - Black
Women's/1XL - Black
Women's/2XL - Black
Youth/1XS - Black
Youth/S - Black
Youth/M - Black
Youth/L - Black
Women's/S - Columbia
Women's/M - Columbia
Women's/L - Columbia
Women's/1XL - Columbia
Women's/2XL - Columbia
Youth/1XS - Columbia
Youth/S - Columbia
Youth/M - Columbia
Youth/L - Columbia
Women's/S - Forest
Women's/M - Forest
Women's/L - Forest
Women's/1XL - Forest
Women's/2XL - Forest
Youth/1XS - Forest
Youth/S - Forest
Youth/M - Forest
Youth/L - Forest
Women's/S - Gold
Women's/M - Gold
Women's/L - Gold
Women's/1XL - Gold
Women's/2XL - Gold
Youth/1XS - Gold
Youth/S - Gold
Youth/M - Gold
Youth/L - Gold
Women's/S - Hot Pink
Women's/M - Hot Pink
Women's/L - Hot Pink
Women's/1XL - Hot Pink
Women's/2XL - Hot Pink
Youth/1XS - Hot Pink
Youth/S - Hot Pink
Youth/M - Hot Pink
Youth/L - Hot Pink
Women's/S - Kelly
Women's/M - Kelly
Women's/L - Kelly
Women's/1XL - Kelly
Women's/2XL - Kelly
Youth/1XS - Kelly
Youth/S - Kelly
Youth/M - Kelly
Youth/L - Kelly
Women's/S - Maroon
Women's/M - Maroon
Women's/L - Maroon
Women's/1XL - Maroon
Women's/2XL - Maroon
Youth/1XS - Maroon
Youth/S - Maroon
Youth/M - Maroon
Youth/L - Maroon
Women's/S - Navy
Women's/M - Navy
Women's/L - Navy
Women's/1XL - Navy
Women's/2XL - Navy
Youth/1XS - Navy
Youth/S - Navy
Youth/M - Navy
Youth/L - Navy
Women's/S - Orange
Women's/M - Orange
Women's/L - Orange
Women's/1XL - Orange
Women's/2XL - Orange
Youth/1XS - Orange
Youth/S - Orange
Youth/M - Orange
Youth/L - Orange
Women's/S - Purple
Women's/M - Purple
Women's/L - Purple
Women's/1XL - Purple
Women's/2XL - Purple
Youth/1XS - Purple
Youth/S - Purple
Youth/M - Purple
Youth/L - Purple
Women's/S - Red
Women's/M - Red
Women's/L - Red
Women's/1XL - Red
Women's/2XL - Red
Youth/1XS - Red
Youth/S - Red
Youth/M - Red
Youth/L - Red
Women's/S - Royal
Women's/M - Royal
Women's/L - Royal
Women's/1XL - Royal
Women's/2XL - Royal
Youth/1XS - Royal
Youth/S - Royal
Youth/M - Royal
Youth/L - Royal
Women's/S - White
Women's/M - White
Women's/L - White
Women's/1XL - White
Women's/2XL - White
Youth/1XS - White
Youth/S - White
Youth/M - White
Youth/L - White

Pizzazz Traditional Cheer Brief | Cheer Basics


Available in: Black, Columbia, Forest, Gold, Hot Pink, Kelly, Maroon, Navy, Orange, Purple, Red, Royal, White

Women's Sizes: S – 2XL
Youth Sizes: XS – L

These comfortable Cheer Briefs from Pizzazz are flexible and move with you, great for under your uniform. Featuring a plush elastic waistband for enhanced comfort is designed to flatter hip area. Made from comfortable 85% nylon and 15% spandex microfiber material with moisture managing properties.

Need some help before you order? Contact our friendly Sales Team at 1.800.776.1194 or by email at sales@SuperiorCheer.com with any questions and they will be happy to assist you.

  • Microfiber material with moisture managing properties
  • Plush elastic waistband for enhanced comfort
  • Traditional style cheer brief
  • Basics cannot be returned due to health code reasons

These comfortable Cheer Briefs from Pizzazz are flexible and move with you, great for under your uniform!

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 Sold Out  The following styles are temporarily sold out
  • Black: Women's XL
  • Gold: Women's XL
  • Hot Pink: Women's S, M
  • Kelly: Women's S
  • Purple: Women's M, L
  • Black: Youth M
  • Forest: Youth XS, S
  • Kelly: Youth XS
  • Maroon: Youth XS, S, M, L
  • Navy: Youth XS
  • Orange: Youth XS, S, M
  • Purple: Youth XS
  • Red: Youth S
  • Royal: Youth XS, S, L
  • White: Youth XS, S, M

All in stock basics priced without embellishment. Add embellishment or embroidery to your in stock basics for an additional fee. Our design service is FREE and includes full-color sketches, so you can see your ideas before you buy. All embellishment and embroidery is quoted on a case-by-case basis to provide you with the lowest possible price. Minimum order of (6) garments per style with embellishment. Allow approximately 3-4 weeks production time for in stock basics with embellishment. Blank garments usually ship within a week.

In stock basics with embellishment or embroidery are custom made to order and may not be returned.

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Pizzazz Cheer Brief

Pizzazz Cheer Brief: 826520

6.95 USD


Pizzazz Cheer Brief

Pizzazz Cheer Brief: 826520

6.95 USD