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Graphic Marking System 4 Color Kit Solvent Base
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Graphic Marking System 4 Color Kit Solvent Base


Product no. 849506



4-Color Solvent-Based Marking System Kit | Game Day


Colors Available: Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Coral, Gold, Gray, Green, Lime, Maroon, Navy, Orange, Orchid, Pink, Purple, Red, Sky Blue, Teal, Turquoise, Yellow

Your choice of 4 colors

Create vibrant banners and signs with the Graphic Marking Systems Four Color Kit! Perfect for cheerleaders, pep rallies, clubs, or anyone who needs outdoor banners. Solvent-based permanent ink is instant drying and waterproof. No waiting around for signs to dry, just make them and hang them up, or roll up and store for future use.

This solvent-based ink kit is permanent, so use caution when marking. We recommend a tarp to cover the floor or surface to prevent stains and wearing old clothes that can be stained.

Each kit includes: Four (4) quarts of ink in your choice of colors, four (4) ink wells, four (4) slotted lids, one (1) 1/4" pen, one (1) 3/4" pen, and one (1) 2" pen for each ink well - 12 pens total, one (1) plastic carrying tray, and one (1) tray hood

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  • Over 20 brilliant colors!
  • Solvent-based ink kit is permanent, use caution when marking
  • Each color consists of one quart of ink, one ink well, and three pens (1/4", 3/4", & 2" widths)
  • All kits come with carrying tray and hood
  • Dried out wells or brushes can be refreshed with additional ink
  • Lid colors may vary

Create vibrant banners and signs with Graphic Marking Systems! With over 20 brilliant colors in water-based, permanent, or our unbelievably bright fluorescent ink, Graphic Marking Systems has the perfect choice for creating signs, banners, and posters for schools, pep rallies, and clubs. Used by cheerleaders, pep clubs, boosters, teachers, and students. Great for school spirit, team posters, holiday posters, and bulletin boards!

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  • Large Felts: Kit will be sent as usual with the large pen base to prevent the ink from drying out, large pen felts will be sent after stock date

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Graphic Marking System 4 Color Kit Solvent Base

Graphic Marking System 4 Color Kit Solvent Base: 849506

289.95 USD


Graphic Marking System 4 Color Kit Solvent Base

Graphic Marking System 4 Color Kit Solvent Base: 849506

289.95 USD