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Camp Teamwork & Safety Tips

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Whether you’re camping for a day or overnight, be sure to CAMP SMART with these tips from Superior Cheer!


Stretch – Any workout or exercise should be accompanied by a stretch session before to warm-up your muscles. Stretching before camp can help prevent injuries while stretching after the day’s events are over can lessen soreness the following day.

Superior Cheer Quick Tip: Try a yoga sequence to mix up your stretching routine and challenge yourself!


Make Friends – While camp is a lot of work, it also is a lot of fun with your friends! Be sure to step out from just hanging with your besties and include new cheerleaders who may be a freshman or recently moved to the area. No one wants to feel like the outsider, everyone will enjoy camp to the fullest if everyone feels included!

Superior Cheer Quick Tip: Each meal at camp, try to sit with someone you’ve never met before! Encourage your friends to do the same, and by the end of camp (hopefully), you will have met all of the new faces!


Ask Questions – Camp is a time to learn and practice, if you don’t fully understand the instruction, make sure to ask and listen closely! You want to do your best in practice, and that starts with knowing exactly what you are supposed to do.

Superior Cheer Quick Tip: While listening to instruction, act like there is going to be a quiz after (maybe there is!), visually think about what’s being said, so you can repeat it in your head and recall it more quickly when it’s time to practice!


Rehydrate – Camp days are usually long and strenuous. Take care of yourself by taking water breaks often. Sports drinks can be a good supplement as well but try to steer away from beverages containing excess sugar or caffeine.

Superior Cheer Quick Tip: Go green by bringing your own reusable water bottle to camp!


Teach – Remember that camp is supposed to be a fun time to learn! Perfecting any skill takes time and hard work, so if you see a fellow athlete struggling to remember the motions to a chant, offer to run through it together. Practice makes perfect!

Superior Cheer Quick Tip: Never laugh at someone struggling, instead offer advice and encouragement! You never know when roles will be reversed and you are struggling to learn and need a boost from someone on your team.

Have a wonderful summer and a great cheer camp!

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