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Care for Your Poms in 4 Easy Steps

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There is nothing more exciting than getting new cheer poms for your upcoming season! That excitement can plummet when the box opens, and the poms are flat. Some poms require a little assistance to get to their filled-out shape, and although most of our cheer poms come pre-fluffed, they still might need some TLC before your first performance.

Here are four steps to the best-looking poms:

1. Carefully open your package

No game of Whack-a-Mole here, so no need to go crazy using sharp objects to open your shipped order. The poms are shipped loose in the box, so you are at risk for cutting some of their strands if you aren’t careful. You can use a box cutter to open the packaging but be sure you don’t press too hard so that the blade goes into the contents

2. Separate the Strands

Diagram to show how to separate pom strands

Once you have double-checked that your order is correct, you should start the process to fluff your poms! You might have noticed that some of the strands are stuck together. This can happen when the strands are trimmed  by the manufacturer as they go through a large cutting machine that cuts  a bundle of pom material all at once. To prevent the poms from having an ill-shaped strand, the cutting machine pushes the pom material tightly together for a clean cut. This is the most tedious part of the whole process because you might have to go strand-by-strand to separate them from each other. Put on your favorite binge-worthy show and begin to carefully pull  each strand apart from the rest and bring it down to the side of the pom (do not twist it). Imagine that you are peeling a banana, do not fold it with a crease, just pull until the whole strand is no longer stuck to any of its friends. Keep pulling the strands until all of them are separated and are now on their own! This process could take anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour per pom. Now, is the most fun part.

3. Shake it (like a polaroid picture)

Cheerleaders shaking poms during a parade

Hold the pom by the handle and begin to shake it like a cheerleader whose team just won the state championships!

Continue to shake it until you reach the desired shape and fullness that looks acceptable.

You might notice a few strands that still need to be separated, go ahead, and repeat step 2 when necessary. Continue these motions with each pom until all of your new poms look ready for game day!

4. Store it with Love

Once your poms are gameday or competition ready, you have to store them in a place where they won’t get crushed. Our poms are constructed of sturdy materials that should easily shape back up with a little shake, but you will want to try and avoid the strands from getting caught in bag zippers or crushed by your math textbook.

When you get home from a game or practice take your poms out of your bag and put them in a safe and visible place. By following these steps, your poms are going to look great for a long time!

If you are looking to purchase new custom or in stock poms, check out our website to browse our amazing selections of colors, materials, and styles!




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