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Chants & Crowd Pleasers : It’s All About Spirit!

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At games or pep rallies, it’s all about spirit! The easiest way to rev up the crowd is to use pom poms, megaphones, banners, spirit flags and battle flags, signs, and catchy chants and cheers. The more spirited you are, the more your audience will participate, the more spirited the sports team – and that can make all the difference between winning and losing the game.

Chants and Crowd Pleasers

While there aren’t any specific regulations on how many chants versus how many crowd-pleasers should be performed during a game, we’ve found that planning it out may help keep your crowd more involved in cheering your team to a win!

For those of you who are new to the cheer world, first of all, welcome!
Secondly, a crowd pleaser is a simple chant, such as “Go Big Red”, that is used to involve the crowd in the game and get the atmosphere revved up. Crowd pleasers usually consist of claps or clasps with minimal motions so the crowd can be as involved as possible. A chant is similar but has more difficult motions, or is longer in word count, such as:

Take it to the limit, take it to the top

We’re the Mighty Vikings, and we can’t be stopped!

That’s a mouthful!  When performing your chant, keep the words sharp and clear. The better the audience can understand you, the more likely they are to cheer with you.

Now, let’s talk numbers. On average, it is usually preferred to have four to five chants per one crowd-pleaser. The exception to this guideline is, of course, if the game is taking an exciting turn and the crowd is really geared up. If that is the case then, by all means, cater to the crowd!

While many coaches find this ratio fits their needs, you may think otherwise – and that’s okay!


Another great way to get the crowd going is props!

PomsWhen it comes to poms, holographic or metallic ones catch the light and grab everyone’s attention. You don’t need to use them with every cheer, but they are a great way of getting the crowd to notice what you’re doing.

Megaphones – Another great tool in the cheerleader’s arsenal, megaphones are great for getting the audience involved. While the squad performs a chant, one cheerleader can use the megaphone to encourage the crowd to join in.

Spirit Flags & Battle Flags – If you use Spirit Flags to spell out words, keep it short and sweet, like “go team!” or “win!” Giant Battle Flags are huge at 58″ x 80″, and are great for showcasing team mascots and school names.

And, of course, megaphones, flags, and banners should feature your school or team colors!

Our favorite spirit options.

Ultimately, your goal is to get everyone in a competitive mood and encourage team spirit! Any tips or hints you want to share with the #SCsquad? Comment below! And don’t forget to shop now at SuperiorCheer.com for all your crowd-pleasing gear!

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