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Creating the Ultimate Impact with Flip Signs

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Flip Signs or “Cheer Signs” are one of the essential cheer props (along with poms and megaphones) that Cheerleaders use to lead a crowd with spirited chants and cheers at a sporting event. Although simple in format, the more thought and attention given to the overall design of your Flip Sign, the better the readability and the bigger the impact with your fans. 

Our Custom Cheer Flip Signs measure 24” x 18” which is large enough to be seen at a distance without being too difficult for your cheerleaders to hold and flip while in formations. Signs that are larger than this can be too challenging to flip quickly, especially for younger cheerleaders. Our Flip Signs are made of 4-millimeter-thick corrugated plastic which is durable but still incredibly lightweight! You do have to be careful to store them properly so they don’t get creases, but these signs can withstand wear and tear. 

To help transport your Flip Signs to-and-from home and away games, purchase our Soft Flip Sign Carry Case

When you begin to plan for new Flip Signs for your upcoming game day, it is best to start thinking through what words or sayings you plan to incorporate. This will help you know how many signs you will need to order and how to use the double-sided capability to your cheerleader’s advantage. For example, if you know your crowd really likes the “Go, Fight, Win” chant, think of other three-word chants to use on the other side. This could be school colors, “White, Red, Blue” or, “Go, Cats, Go” as just a few examples. We do not require a minimum order on Custom Flip Signs, so your options are endless.  

Something that is really important when considering the chant you use on your flip sign is that the longer the word, the harder it will be to read. When creating flip signs, our Design Team will do their best to make the words you choose to fill the space while keeping readability a priority, but words that are extremely long cause a lot of difficulties to fulfill that goal. 

Here are options to consider when longer words are unavoidable:

  1. Use Abbreviations: As an example, when your team mascot is the Wildcats, consider using ‘Cats instead. This can also apply to geographical locations or general words.  
  1. Use a Graphic: If your mascot name can’t be shortened, like Panthers or Patriots, consider using a graphic instead. If you don’t have graphics available from your school’s digital resources our Design Team has an extensive collection of mascot graphics that we can use for your signs.

*Please note: If you want to use school specific logos or mascots, our design
team will need high-quality digital files. Contact our Sales Team to see if the
the graphic you have will meet our supplied graphic standards. 

  1. Angle text: When you cannot avoid using a longer word, you can request that the word is turned at a diagonal angle to fit better on the sign. Our Graphics Team will fit it according to the angled space. 

Once you have chosen the chant, you will want to think about color combinations. Always remember to use color to your advantage, even the impact of a solid color sign can create a unique look on the sidelines. Be sure to use a blend of dark colors and light colors. Two dark colors or two light colors are going to decrease the amount of contrast between the background and the text and reduce visibility and readability. If your school colors don’t offer contrasting colors, white and black are neutral colors that work very well for text readability on either dark or light backgrounds. 


Now that you have decided on the number of signs you need, the words and colors, you are ready to contact our Sales Team to begin the proofing process of your order. Our Design Team will mockup your sign and provide full-color proof for your review. 

Need some more inspiration? Browse designs on our website, and let us know how you would like to personalize them for your school. 

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