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Get the Perfect Bow!

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So now that you know just how much we love bows, lets dig a little deeper!

Out of all the gear that cheerleaders wear for the big game or competition, hair bows are probably the most creative and fun. Almost every squad wears hair bows at some point, and most teams want every girl to wear the same bow and similar hairstyles for a symmetrical look. In addition to cheerleaders, dance squads often wear matching bows too.

So you might be asking yourself, “Why should I buy my bows when there’s a TON of how-to guides and DIY videos out there?” While making your own bows can be a fantastic camp activity and great for bonding, they don’t always stand up to the riggers of the sport. (Having your bow come untied during those spectacular stunts is the absolute worst!)

Our cheer bows are always handcrafted in the USA of professional quality materials that can be worn over and over again. No more having to get a new ribbon and re-tie it before every big game! Each bow is guaranteed to look alike so you can maintain symmetry, and ordering from Superior Cheer is a snap. PLUS your bow comes with a 1-year warranty against defects, that means if something goes wrong we’re here to help.

So how do you find that perfect cheer bow?

First, you have to pick the right size 

Superior Cheer offers three main sizes of bow:

  1. 6″ wide – This bow is perfect for smaller cheerleaders or for girls that like a smaller bow 
  2. 7″ wide – By far our most popular size, great for all cheerleaders and especially for competition teams 
  3. 8″ wide – Perfect for the girls who like extra large bows

Remember that some competition organizations regulate bow sizes. The US All Star Federation (USASF) updated their rules in 2014 to limit ribbon sizes to not more than about 3 inches wide citing a safety concern “… [bows] should not fall over the forehead into the participants’ eyes or block the view of the participant while performing.” Be sure to check the rules before selecting that cute, over-the-top Minnie Mouse bow.

What’s your type?

The Classics – Those tried-and-true bows that match your cheer uniforms and add a little kick to your ponytail. Great for sideline cheer, these bows are your go-to look.

The Classics – Those tried-and-true bows that match your cheer uniforms and add a little kick to your ponytail. Great for sideline cheer, these bows are your go-to look.

Just for Fun – Over the top bows perfect for pep rallies, homecoming, special events, and girls’ nights with the squad – they’re not exactly school colors, or they’re too funky for competition but they’re definitely fun to wear!

Competitive – Big statement bows that stand out no matter how big your curls, these attention grabbers are glitzed up and perfect for competitions.
Whichever way you go, Superior Cheer has them!

In Stock, Custom, or Dye-Sub?

In Stock – Superior Cheer has a full line of In Stock options that are great for games, camp, and sideline cheer. These bows come in a huge variety of team colors. Need it right away? They ship in 1 to 2 days so you don’t have to wait! These bows are also perfect for groups on a budget at less than $8.00 each.

Custom – Have more time and money to play? Check out our HUGE selection of Custom Bows! From Classic & Classy to Glitz & Glam, the sky is the limit. Expect to wait about 2 weeks for production (it’s worth it though!) Also, while many of our custom bows are available for purchase online, some are just too detailed so you’ll have to call a Superior Cheer sales rep to place your order for those.

Dye-Sub – Go all out! Our Dye-sub options are top of the line. The dye-sub process uses a balanced combination of ink, heat, and pressure to embed your image into the surface of the bow. The sublimated image will be smooth to the touch so they are lightweight and feel just like a traditional grosgrain bow. These options are a great choice for personalizing bows with your name, school initials, and give you options not possible with traditional bows such as color fades and logos. Again, expect to wait about 2 weeks for production, and because there are so many options, you’ll have to call a Superior Cheer rep to place your order.

Tips for picking the perfect Color!

Selecting the right colors for your bow is critical for creating that WOW factor. You may not have much flexibility with the color, or style of your team uniform but you can definitely make a statement with your hair accessories!

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Focus on one of your team colors in a shiny metallic or iridescent fabric
  • Maybe add some bling with rhinestones or spangle sequin
  • Try combining a ribbon of your squad’s color with an animal-print ribbon for a fun accent
  • If your squad’s colors are dark, like navy blue or forest green, consider going with more glitzy fabric options like our Sparkle Novelty Ribbon, Mystic Glitz, or Dazzle Sequin

The options are endless, play around with different color and texture combinations to see which one POPS in just the right way.

Bow Attachment Methods

Superior Cheer offers two kinds of bow attachments on our Custom Bow options:

Choose a rubber band or french clip attachment.

Metal-free Rubber Band – Simply pull your hair into a ponytail with your own elastic then secure the bow elastic over the top. This is the most popular way to attach and is perfect for most of our hair bows!

French Clip – If your hair is super thick (or super thin) or you want a quick clip-and-go option you can just clip over the top of your finished show hair

However, you secure your bow to your head, be sure to practice your routine while wearing it to make sure it will stay in during competitions. Point deductions for a falling bow can be a real bummer!

Now that you have that new bow, keep it from getting damaged in style! 

Superior Cheer’s new Hard Shell Bow Case is perfect for on the go! The case comes in four colors and carries up to 3 bows. It also includes a zippered accessory bag inside for your extra bobby pins and elastic bands.

You can order them online here. Custom screen printing is available, but you’ll have to talk to a Superior Cheer Sales Rep about that.

You can check out more of our bow designs at superiorcheer.com

As you can see there’s a lot of thought involved when choosing just the right Cheerleading Bow! Ready to get started? Have additional questions? Contact us online or give us a call at (800)776-1194.

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