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Let’s Talk Mascots!

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Lions, Tigers, and Bears, oh my! Eagles, Mustangs, and Devils, oh my! Vikings, Trojans, and Wildcats, oh my! Okay, okay, you get the idea.

…Let’s talk mascots. 

Before there were mascot costumes, teams used live animals to show off school spirit. While some still choose this method, others are quite happy not to have to deal with a wildcat or a tiger on school premises. We can’t say we’re disappointed!

Mascots pack a spirit-filled punch at pep sessions, games, and performances. Not only are they fun to watch, they’re fun to be! Many schools have try-outs each year for the mascot as it is a position of honor. Others choose one of the existing cheerleaders for the task. Regardless of your methods, the #SCsquad has a mascot for your team at the right price! Er, a costume that is. (We tried the live animal thing – it didn’t work out.)

Superior Cheer is proud to team up with Alinco Mascots! Here’s why we love Alinco mascot costumes:

  • Attention to detail
  • Comfortable functionality
  • The famous Alinco 100-day warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Always made in the USA
  • Handcrafted of the highest quality materials
  • Durable construction 

Can’t find a design you like? We can custom make a mascot exactly the way you want it! Contact our friendly sales staff to get started on your custom mascot costume.

A good mascot costume is always decked out in spirit gear. Put a jersey on that lion. Give some poms to that husky. Yes, of course, your mustang needs a megaphone! You can find all these great accessories online to be sure your mascot shines at your next performance.

Learn more about the Alinco difference:

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