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Size Matters: Pom Edition

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When it comes to poms, we usually know what we want in color, style, handle type, and material. But the question that always catches us off – guard is…

“What length of strand would you like?”

Good question. We thought it was worth diving into, so we put together some helpful information below:


3″ Smaller poms typically are better for giveaways,
fundraisers, or just for fun! When it comes to performances though, leave these babies on the sidelines.

4″ These poms are still on the small side of the pom scale, but the 4″ strand definitely serves a purpose. This size is great for youth groups who want to pack a punch with a great pom, but not have their little performers overpowered by too much fluff.

5″ The second most common size, the 5” is great for any age group or performance type, but with a slight competitive edge. The marginally shorter strands still provide the necessary flash in appearance, but they act more as an accent to the uniform or group, and less as a show-stealer.

6″ The most common size, the 6” works for just about any age group or performance type. This size can be used for dance teams, pom squads, cheerleaders, majorettes, etc., easily making it the most versatile strand length on the market.

7″ Just on the larger side of the pom scale, the 7″ strand length is not quite as popular as it’s two little sisters. Put them to use in a pom dance to really show off those stellar strands.

8″ While it may not seem that much bigger than the 7″ (really, it is just an inch?), an 8″ strand is on the verge of ‘floppy’ instead of ‘fluffy’. The weight of the added length pushes the strands down and creates a droopy pom.

10″ The mother of all poms, the 10″ strand is floppy and not really ideal for any use today. Remember when your mom was a cheerleader? She would have had these long locks, paired with a show or dowel handle, for a perfect vision of retro cheer. And they just get bigger from there, but typically anything longer than 10″
is terribly impractical or used for novelty poms such as rooter poms that you ‘ve seen in the stands of almost every sporting event.

We hope you found these insights on pom sizes helpful! Contact us online at superiorcheer.com 24/7 for all of your cheer and dance needs!

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