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Chromark Sign 8 Color Kit + 3″ Brushes Quart


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Chromark Sign Kits are the fun and easy way to create signs, banners, and posters for school, pep rallies, clubs, and more without the mess and clean-up of conventional paint kits. Used by cheerleaders, pep clubs, boosters, teachers, and students. Great for school spirit, team posters, holiday posters, and bulletin boards.

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Eight Quart Sign Kit with 3″ Brushes | Game Day


Colors Available: Black, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Hot Pink, Light Blue, Lime, Magenta, Old Gold, Orange, Purple, Red, Teal, Wine, Yellow

Choice of 8 colors!

Design colorful signs and banners with the Chromark Sign Kits! Choose eight colors of fast-drying, non-toxic water-based inks. Low odor, easy-to-clean formula washes out of fabrics and cleans off most surfaces with a little soap and water. Won’t bleed through even the thinnest butcher paper and it dries almost as fast as permanent ink. Marker brushes have inexpensive, replaceable felt tips so you can maintain those clean, crisp lines.

Download the Chromark instruction sheet (PDF)

Each kit includes: Eight (8) quarts of ink in your choice of colors, eight (8) ink wells, eight (8) slotted lids, eight (8) ink well pads, one (1) 3″ brush for each ink well – 8 brushes total, and one (1) caddy

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Product Features

  • Each color consists of one ink well, one 3″ brush
  • Brushes have inexpensive, replaceable felt tips
  • Fast drying and non-toxic
  • Washes out of fabrics
  • Easy to clean from floors and tables
  • Minimal odor
  • All kits come with caddy and cover
  • Dried out wells or brushes can be refreshed with water

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